Wall Troops Edit

Wall Troops are troops that are stationed on your wall. They are similar to regular troops, but there are some major differences. First of all, they are always stationed to protect you, so they will protect you even if your army is set to hide. Secondly, unless they vastly outnumber/outclass the attackers or the attackers are supply troops, they will probably lose since they attack the weakest troops first, and they can easily be taken out by greater numbers of tier 1 troops. Thirdly, they have no upkeep, so you can have a large might and lots of food. However, many large alliances will reject you if you have wall might, as they can easily be taken down. And much like regal at troops, they get combat bonuses while defending with a marshal.

Tiers Edit

Wall Troops vs Ground Ground Troops Edit

Wall Troop Advantages: 1.No upkeep= lots of might and food 2.Can defend without risking your army

Ground Troop Advantages: 1.Can send to attack or defend city's 2.Can have training time sped up by knight 3.Gets bonuses when attacking with a knight