Troops and Combat

The fighting in this game works kind of like rock, paper, scissors and all troops are divided up into 4 classes:

  • Ground (Militiamen, Swordsmen, Battering Ram)
  • Artillery (Archers, Ballistae, Catapults)
  • Cavalry (Light Cavalry, Cavalry, Heavy Calvary)
  • Supply (Supply Troop, Supply Cart, Supply Wagon)

Each type of unit has three Tiers of troops (Ex. Light Cavs, Cavs, and Heavy Cavs). The higher the tier of troop, the less losses you will take and the more damage you can inflict.  Because of this system, you need a good balance of all types of units. The higher tier the better.  Official troop specs and statistics are not given for the most important aspects of the game.  However, using the online version of the game (where these stats are known) and some tinkering, I have put together some known stats along with some estimated stats:



One of the most important things in building troops is to maintain a positive food production margin (hourly food production - upkeep).  Food is the most-used resource when building mass amounts of troops. All the other resources average out to less.  In addition, the number of barracks contained in a city greatly affect your ability to train more troops faster.