Starting Out

  • The Three Most Important Things:
    • Keep your troops “hidden” until you reach at least 100k might. Select your castle, go to overview, and then make sure ‘Hide all Troops’ is on.
    • Make sure your current Storehouse level can contain all your resources. This is a strong deterrent for players wanting to attack you
    • Keep your research running and spend all or most of your gold. Gold is not kept in your storehouse, so make sure you spend it so no one attacks you just to steal it.

*If you do the above things, no other players should have a reason to attack you, and if they do, all they can do is hurt your wall defenses

  • Follow the quests – anyone following these can pretty much be guaranteed 40k might within a week or two depending on how often you play.
  • Always maximize your resource buildings, resource research, and captured resource fields (hills, forests, etc).
  • Before finishing beginner protection, you want to have at least a level 3 wall, level 2 embassy (for accepting reinforcements), and a level 3 watch tower and as many defenses as possible.