• Trade with other players to get the resources you are short on by asking in alliance chat.
  • To trade get the player’s coordinates, find their castle, click on their castle and hit ‘Transport’. You can also click on your Rally Point in your castle and click ‘March Troops’ then ‘Transport’.
  • For each new level of your castle you can build 3 new resource buildings plus capture one more resource field (for a level 5 castle you can hold 5 resource fields, etc.)
  • Scout and attack inactive players to get some good free resources every few hours. You can tell they are inactive if they have 0 might and are out of beginner’s protection, or if their might never changes in the positive.
  • For extra resources, attack Pict camps and resource fields that you know you can beat with only a few losses.
  • Don’t bother keeping troops on resource fields as this does nothing but make you more vulnerable.

Resource Fields

  • Capturing and hold resource fields is a great way to boost resource production:
    • Hills - 5% increase in Stone production per level (Level 5 = 25% increase)
    • Mountains - 5% increase in Ore production per level
    • Woods - 5% increase in Wood production per level
    • Lake - 5% increase in Food production per level
    • Plain - Only used for building second city
  • Additionally, each field will provide a certain amount of its particular resource just for beating it
  • Resource fields are extremely difficult to attack without having substantial losses of troops, but their increase in your production will pay off long term.
  • As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t attack resource fields higher than the level of your castle