• Round Tower: Level 6 ??


  • Knight (Vanguard): Level 29 (at start of Crest Hunting)
  • Knight in Marshall position: Level 21


  • Poisoned Edge: Level 6
  • Healing Potions: Level 5

Attacking TroopsEdit

  • Attack Pict Camp Level 6 using 1,000 T1 Militiamen + 2,000 T2 Swordsmen
  • Attack Pict Camp Level 7 using 1,000 T1 Archers + 2,000 T2 Ballistae

Troop Loss RateEdit

  • Attack Pict Camp Level 6: About 600-700 T1 Militiamen will die
  • Attack Pict Camp Level 7: About 870-950 T1 Archers will die



  • The above troops loss rate is independent of your attacking troop size. You can add more troops, but the loss will always stay the same.
  • The T2 troops I included in the attack is merely to ensure I will be the winning party.
  • Attack each Pict Camp no more frequent than once per hour. This fact is taken from "official documentation" @ Kabam Community Forums.
  • The higher the Pict Camp level, the higher the chance of a crest drop. Of cos, you'll suffer a higher casualty rate.
  • As noted below, I target four Pict Camps, to increase the frequency that I can attack without penalty.
  • I did not document all my crest farming attempts, only 121 attempts, from which I get 72 crests. This translate to a 59.5% success rate overall.
  • The two level 6 Pict Camps have a drop rate of 45.5% and 60%. Averaging, level 6 Pict Camps yields 52.4%.
  • The two level 7 Pict Camps have a drop rate of 57.1% and 76.7%. Averaging, level 7 Pict Camps yields 67.2%.

Resource RequirementEdit

If you hit solely on one type of Pict Camp, you will require a single unit type. (Unless you choose level 8 Pict Camp, in which case, you'll require all 3 types of troops). If so, your resource requirement will be concentrated on only 1 or 2 types. In other words, if you hit Pict Camp level 6, you need Militiamen, who uses Food & Wood. If you hit Pict Camp level 7, you need Archers, who uses Food & Stone. To prevent resource starvation, hit two different Pict Camp types, to spread out your resource needs.

Also, to get the full allocation of chance of getting a crest, do not hit the same Pict Camp more than once an hour. If your troops get generated faster than this, have two Pict Camps of the same level.

All in all, I choose to target two level 6 Pict Camps and two level 7 Pict Camps, for a total of four Pict Camps.