Use this section to promote your alliance.  Do not spam or repeatedly re-post.  Create a table and add your alliance information as shown in the example.  In addition, add any requirements a potential member may want to know about before joining.

To create a table, follow these steps:

  1. Enter 'Edit' mode.
  2. Place curser on next line below last table, press enter so there is appropriate spacing.
  3. Click 'Table' under the 'Add features and media' menu to the right
  4. Enter the following table critera:
    1. 3 rows, 2 columns
    2. Headers: Select "None"
    3. Border Size: 1
    4. Allignment: Select "Center"
    5. Width: 500  Height: 150
    6. Cell Spacing: 0  Cell Padding: 0
    7. Caption: None
    8. Click 'OK'
    9. Enter information in each field


Alliance Name: Fargin DBs Server: Horsa 11
Chancellor: Quarterhorsygrl Co-Contact: N/A
Requirements: No current might req, active in chat.


Alliance Name: Shadowguild Server: Hengist67
Chancellor: Lord Rogue Co-Contact: Anthraxus

Requirements: 1. Active in game

2. Reasonably cooperative with alliance


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