If you are looking to build a kingdom you will need to do just that! BUILD! There are lots of different building types you will need to be familiar with to build a strong kingdom. There are two places to build: The City and The Field.

City BuildingsEdit

These are the buildings that you build close to your Castle.


The Castle is the central part of any kingdom. As you level up your castle you will be able to conquer more wildernesses (Wilds), upgrade your cottages to the next level and gain resource fields to build on.
Buildings castle

The Castle

Castle LevelControl # of Wilds# of Resource Fields

Cottage The cottage is a building that increases your max population,increasing your gold outcome.


Barracks are the buildings that increase your training queue when built. Barracks allow you to build troops. Each upgrade you make to a barracks increase your training speed.

Alchemy Lab

The alchemy lab is where to research new and better technologies. Upgrading allows you to engage in more complicated research.

If you've 2 cities, you only need 1 Alchemy Lab in 1 city.

Having 2 Alchemy Labs in two cities, you can research stuff in parallel.

If you have completely finished with research (ie everything level 10) then you can get rid of all you labs and retain your research. You'll just have to build another one if they ever add new research to the game.


The Blacksmith creates all the weapons and armor for your troops. Upgrade for more advanced weaponry and armor.


The workshop is necessary to build siege weapons such as Ballistae, Trebuchets, and Catapults.


The storehouse protects your Food, Wood, Stone, and Ore from being plundered. Upgrade to protect more resources. Each level of Storehouse protects 100,000 of each resource. In other words, a level 6 Storehouse protects 600,000 of food, 600,000 of wood, 600,000 of stone and 600,000 of ore.


Walls protect your city. Your Defensive Units are built on your Wall. Upgrade to build better defensive units. A level 7 Wall for example, allows up to 25,600 of Tier-1 defenses and 12,800 Tier-2 defences.

Tier-1 defenses are Traps, Caltrops and Crossbows. Tier-2 defenses are Boiling Oil, Spiked Barrier and Trebuchet.


The Embassy allows you to join or create Alliances, and also houses reinforced armies. Upgrade to house more troops.

Knight's Hall

The Knight's Hall is where you manage your Knight's roles and experience. Upgrade to unlock more Knights.

Rally Point

Assemble your troops at the Rally Point to Attack enemies, Reinforce allies, or Transport resources. Upgrade to send more troops.


Stables are necessary for Cavalry. Upgrade your Stables to resarch higher levels of Alloy Horsehoes.

Relief Station

The Relief Station helps your troop's Speed when you're moving between your own allie's cities. Upgrade to improve Speed