Kingdoms-of-camelot-battle-for-the-north 002


  • Early on
    • Follow the quests to get the essential buildings you need to grow your city.
    • Build every main building to a level 2 or 3.
    • Build what you need to get Tier 1 troops (Militiamen, Archers, and Light Cavs).
    • The ideal mix of resource buildings is about 4-5 of each type. Later on, you will want almost all the rest to be farms for food production.
  • 50-150k Might
    • Focus on resources. Aim to have all your resource buildings one level above most of the rest of your buildings. This will ensure you have enough resources to keep building.
    • Upgrade your castle and wall - these are the two most important.
    • Upgrade your blacksmith, workshop and stables so that you can continue researching troop technology.
    • Make sure you have what you need to get Tier 2 troops (Swordsmen, Cavalry, and Balistas).
  • 150k+ Might
    • Keep upgrading your castle, wall, resource buildings, and cottages.
    • Upgrade your barracks’ to improve troop production speed.
  • Ideally, you want to leave room for having 8-12 barracks to help with faster troop production (this splits the troops out to all the barracks). You don’t have to build these all right away though. This will leave you 8-12 spots for cottages.

Alchemy Lab – Used for researching Barracks – Used for producing troops. Multiple barracks will split troop production to each one available Blacksmith – Required for upgrading melee troops and allows researching Metal Alloys Castle – Each level allows you to increase the level of your cottages, build 3 more resource buildings, and capture one more resource field Cottage – Determines population level, which will increase the level of gold (in conjunction with the tax rate) and provide extra population from which troops can be trained Embassy – Allows alliance members to send armies to reinforce you. The number of armies allowed is based on your level of embassy Knights Hall – Houses your knights. Knights can be assigned here to gain advantages in resource production, research and other things Rally Point – The launching point of your armies. Troops and troop movement can be managed from here. Relief Station – Raises the marching speed between your city and your allies Round Tower – Allows hunting for crests. A certain number of crests must be found to build your second city Stable – Required for upgrading horse-troops and for researching Alloy Horseshoes Storehouse – Safely stores a certain number of resources away from enemy attack. Wall – Determines your defensive rating when attacked by an enemy. Also allows for producing additional defensive items Watch Tower – Determines what amount of information you will receive when an attack is launched at you. The higher the level, the more detailed information you will receive Workshop – Required for wall upgrades and for upgrading ranged units